To be a leader you need quality

Danplas was founded in the city of São Carlos – SP in 1995 with the aim of serving a significant portion of the market interested in high quality products at competitive prices.

Our mission is customer satisfaction with an effective product of exceptional quality.

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To be a leader, you must have quality


Our main objective is to offer a shopping experience and a personalized service, excellence in the quality of the materials and speed in the delivery of the products.


We focus on the supply of high-quality materials, to guarantee maximum safety for our customers, from purchase to after-sales.


It has been three decades of continuous improvement, perfecting processes and products to earn their trust and collaboration.


Environmental, Social and Governance Commitment.

What do I need to know about artesian wells? An artesian well is one that captures water from the deepest reservoirs and appears as a springing well, without the need for pumping equipment to extract the water.

Polyvinyl chloride, better known by the acronym PVC, is one of the most produced synthetic plastic polymers in the world, with a wide range of applications, mainly in civil construction, fashion and medicine.

Sanitation is the activity related to drinking water supply, stormwater management, sewage collection and treatment, urban cleaning, solid waste management and pest control and any type of pathogenic agent, aiming at the communities health. .

Irrigation is a technique that aims to meet the water needs of a planted area due to low water availability or poor distribution of rainfall. The main types of irrigation currently used are surface, localized and sprinkler.

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